Anesthetic Gas Reclamation, Inc.
21st Century Scavenging


Reducing energy costs and environmental impact of waste anesthetic gas systems in healthcare...


Anesthetic Gas Reclamation, Inc. creates and brings cost-effective, environmentally-sensible anesthetic gas recycling systems to the global healthcare market.                                                                          


We invent, fabricate, test, and submit innovative new technologies which can save energy and lower costs while, at the same time, reducing the impact of anesthetic gases on the environment.                                                                     


Our goal is to ensure that halogenated ethers used in modern medicine are contained with the same rigor as the halocarbons previously used in fire-suppression and refrigeration systems.                  


We look forward to serving you as we work together to improve patient care.                                                 


~ The Anesthetic Gas Reclamation Team

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